On, I got a little confused with visa fees, visa to Argentina and reciprocity fees. But I guess they are talking Argentina reciprocity fee, which is like a visa to Argentina. The application procedure is as easy as other sites. Mainly the same 3 steps, fill an online application form, pay and print out the reciprocity fee ticket. This site takes 1 business day to process your application, which means you may not be able to get it done over the weekend. If in a hurry, they offer a 30 minutes expedited service, but the price is not mentioned and may not be available over the weekend also. Argentina reciprocity fee may vary, depending on your nationality. It is about $92-$160, plus $20 service charge. The visa/reciprocity fee is good for 1-10 years with multiple entries. Don’t forget to print a copy to go with you. The knowledge base provides answers to the questions most people may have.

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[Total: 2    Average: 5/5] gives a very simple but good intro on its front page to explain why and how to get a reciprocity fee to visit Argentina. They pointed out that reciprocity fee is not a visa to Argentina. Argentina charges Americans, Australians and Canadians is because their own citizens are required to pay to visit those countries as well. Fair enough.

On this website, you can find easy step by step procedures to apply Argentina reciprocity fees for your visit. And remember it has to be paid online prior to your arrival. They don’t accept cash payments at the airport. The fee varies, depending on your nationality. It is about $92-$160, plus $20 service charge, valid for 1-10 years with multiple visits. It takes 24 hours to process your applications and you will receive an email with your fee ticket. On the ‘Country’ page, it mentions that if you are planning to visit Argentina for more than 90 days, you need an Argentina visa. So I think the Argentina reciprocity fees are good for short term visit only. Their FQA’s page does answer many questions that you might have, but if you have any doubts, simply make a call to the embassy.


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[Total: 3    Average: 5/5] is a website based in the US, where you can obtain a Reciprocity fee to visit Argentina at anytime. Reciprocity fee works like an electronic Argentinean visa and it can be obtained online and is very convenient and reliable. American, Australian and Canadian citizens are required to have a visa to visit Argentina. The ticket is good for 1 to 10 years with multiple entries. The whole process is simple and easy. All you need to do is to fill out an online application form with your personal information, passport number and pay the fee.
The fee varies, depending on where you are from. It is about $92 – $160, plus $40 service charge.  They will send a confirmation email within a minute and you will get the ticket as fast as 15 minutes. The Knowledge Base has all the answers to the common asked questions. And their blog provides some insightful recommendations that I believe is worth taking a look at.


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Argentina For The Carnivore

Argentinian Asado
Photo by Juan Luis

If there’s one thing that you should know about Argentina, especially the food, it’s beef. Beef is something that the country is famous for, and you are going to find that the consumption of steak is through the roof. Sure, Brazil has a great deal of attention to eating meat, but nothing seems to get the same kind of push that Argentine steak gets, and it is a tried and true element of the culture. You’re going to find that as you traverse the many areas in the country, eating meat will become an eclectic, and expansive experience well worth investing into.

Everything Beef

For those that are going to be visiting restaurants in and around Buenos Aires, you should know a bit of vocabulary if you’re going to try some of the culinary delights that will be coming through. Knowing a few words of note will help you not only make the right decision, but very well could find your new favorite cut of meat.
For instance, you’ll find that the word “bife” is used for beef across the board. With the exception of “tira” and “vacio” which refers to short ribs and flank steak respectively. As for the rest, you’ll find that words like chorizo, Costilla, lomo, ojo, and cuadril will all point towards different cuts. They include in order of appearance, sirloin, t-bone, tenderloin, rump, and ribeye as mentioned in order above. Look for those naming conventions on menus and you’ll end up with a positive result, as you taste the culinary delights.
As you can see, things can get a bit confusing in regards to beef, and the likes. However, if you love meat, don’t worry, just order and you’re going to find yourself immersed in flavors. When ordering styles, however, make sure that you ask for punto, jugoso, and vuelta y vuelta. These will give you medium, medium rare, and rare options, otherwise your steaks will always get cooked medium.

If you are traveling to Argentina you don’t need a visa if you are staying for less than 90 days but you need to pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee.

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# is owned by the company Orbitz Worldwide, which is one of the top global online travel companies in the world.

#Orbitz Worldwide, founded in 1999, is well known to be one of the first movers in the travel industry to have adapted so well to the Age of the Internet.

#The website was created in 2004, and has been helping business and leisure travelers around the world to search for flight, hotels, car rentals and vacation information, plan their trip and book their tickets.

# Orbitz is well known for providing the lowest price options for travel – whether it is for booking a flight or a hotel.

# Orbitz’s Price Assurance policy ensures that the customer is always guaranteed the lowest price on any booking. If not, Orbitz refunds the 110$ of the difference between the price paid and the lowest price possible. is a trusted all-in-one travel site that has been in business for over a decade. Orbitz works as trusted mediator between the traveler and the airline or hotel. While other travel sites such as are slightly better when it comes to travel search, where Orbitz scores is that it is possible not only to search for flight tickets on Orbitz, but also to book them. Orbitz is great for both short term and long term booking. Indeed, Orbitz is one of the safest and most reliable options for online reservations.

 The Good

If may be considered to be the Google of travel search, Orbitz would qualify to be the Bing of travel search – with an added advantage as you may book your flight tickets, hotel room or car rentals directly from Orbitz, without having to be directed to a third party, as in Kayak. This is a huge advantage for travelers, which makes Orbitz such an outstanding all purpose travel site.

The price guarantee offered by Orbitz is a most attractive feature, and a boon to the traveler who is very conscious about his or her travel budget. One may also make a combo searches and combo reservations on Orbitz, combining Flight + Hotel, Hotel + Car, Car + Flight or Car + Hotel + Flight – this feature makes Orbitz really special among all travel sites. Plus, there are really attractive discounts to be had by booking for a combo package on Orbitz. Orbitz also has a 3-day flexible search options for flights.
Another wonderful feature is that Orbitz saves all the details of past travels, frequent flyer miles, additional details in its database and makes them available at the click of a button. Lastly, Orbitz literally rewards its users, offering them discounts with every future booking made on the site.

The Bad

As mentioned earlier, Kayak beats Orbitz hands down when it comes to pure travel search. Orbitz does have a lot of room to get better there. Also, the fare alerts could have been better. Flight cancellations and change of travel itinerary cost a lot on Orbitz. Other disadvantages are that you cannot choose a specific airport within a geographic range during your search on the site and unlike its competitors, Orbitz doesn’t have a buy/wait recommendation.





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# is one of the most important sources of information on cruises, as well as the most popular cruise review website.

# CruiseCritic receives as many as 5 million visitors a year, and growing.

# The reviews on CruiseCritic are a combination of professional, authoritative reviews and paid reviews published by cruise ship companies. But what is without doubt is that the reviews are highly popular and widely read.

#The CruiseCritic community is large and thriving, with several thousand posts written each day.

# The site has excellent cruise planning tools and great cruise deals.

# Some of the offers are highly attractive, with special discounts such as family discounts, discounts for the disabled or senior citizens and so on.

# The section “First-time Cruisers Guide” is a highly comprehensive source of information to those who are new to cruise ship travel, explaining everything from proper behavior to be maintained on cruise ships to detailed shipping information.

CruiseCritic has been in business since 1995, and is well established as the world’s most important and most influential source on cruise ships, with detailed information that helps you research and plan your travel, get detailed information on various cruises, shipping companies and related business information. All ports are covered, and quite comprehensively. CruiseCritic also has a site dedicated to luxury cruises.


The Good

Many of the reviews on CruiseCritic are highly professsional, brilliantly written and are a treasure trove of information on so many things related to cruises. Some of the reviewers on CruiseCritic are even quite popular. No topic related to cruising is left out or considered trivial. There is extensive information on entertainment on the ships, about the right dress code to be followed, what you should expect from the cabins, how should you start a conversation with other cruisers, whether you should be tipping the waiters and how much, the proper etiquette of cruise ship travel, what are the best ships for families, which cruises provide the best value for money – if you’re a first time cruiser, you will be impressed with so much information. Even if you’re an experienced cruiser, you’ll always find something new. The weather information and alerts are very up to date, which is great. The CruiseCritic users are a large community, and are highly opinionated, very smart, sometimes argumentative, and yet maintain the right forum decorum.

The Bad

While there is a lot of information on CruiseCritic, some complain of an “information overload”, saying that there is just too much information on really minor things that don’t really matter much to anyone. Navigation could have been simpler, but with so many links, pictures, reviews and articles, not everyone finds it easy to “cruise” around CruiseCritic. Also, there are just too many reviews on the site, and not all reviewers are of the highest quality. There is also a problem of paid reviews, as some shipping companies pay reviewers to give their cruises a higher rating than they really deserve, and it’s not easy to weed the paid reviewers out. CruiseCritic has a thriving community and the message boards are full of passion, but there is also a plenty of misinformation here, and one has to be careful enough not to trust everything written in the CruiseCritic community forums.

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# is a popular travel search site that has been in business since 2004.
# Recently, Kayak was acquired by the Priceline Group.
# The focus of is on effective and comprehensive travel search – it allows you to compare offers from several hundred travel sites at once with each search.
# routinely processes over a billion travel search queries a year.
# The site is highly popular among travelers all over the world, with local versions of available in as many as 31 countries, and in 17 different languages.
# There is a free mobile app that comes with the service, which is very popular, having been downloaded over 35 million times.
# Kayak searches for the services with best rates based on the dates and place entered by the user, depending on the rates provided by the service provider directly, and as well as considering those offered by other travel search aggregators such as Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. is an all-purpose dedicated travel search site with plenty of information on pricing and availability for tourists interested in finding out the best hotels, rental cars, flights, travel packages and deals. Travelers may make significant savings by booking hotels through, up to as much as 25%. The site offers a comparison of the cheapest flight tickets to several major cities in the world. The savings on rental cars is massive, up to almost 40%. Another great feature is that allows a comparison of its results with other travel sites such as Priceline, Hotwire, CarRentals and

The Good

Kayak is the Google of travel search information and perhaps one of the best travel deal aggregator sites around. There are a lot more service providers listed on Kayak than those found on many other travel search sites. It is a highly effective service that allows you to find the best deals almost every time. One of the best features of Kayak is a calendar that it presents to the users showing them the best days to pick a flight to their destination, when the prices are the lowest. For vacation planning too, Kayak has one of the most flexible and utilitarian search options. The design and the layout of the site are brilliant, and a shining example of how travel sites are to be presented. The site is fully clutter free and the navigation is simplicity itself, and even older travelers without much experience of using online services can use easily and safely enough. The fact that it is present in 17 different languages and in 31 countries adds to its great global appeal.

The Bad

The major drawback of is that while it does offer the best and high quality deals, it may not offer the lowest rates every single time. Also, it is primarily a travel search site, so one cannot make reservations using Kayak does not make booking arrangements and directs users to other sites to make their own bookings. Also, there is no alternative accommodation available on Kayak. should be used in conjunction with other travel sites rather than as a standalone service.


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# An e-Visa is an official document that permits entry into and a travel through Turkey.

# e-Visa is an alternative to the Turkish visa, which is issued at any Turkish mission and at all ports of entry to the country.

# Applicants to a visa to Turkey may get their visas electronically through the official website of the e-visa, the on entering the necessary information followed by the payment of the Turkish visa fees using a credit or debit card.

# Applying for the e-visa is a 3 step process – first the Turkish visa seekers make the application where the personal details are asked for, then they are led into a payment gateway where the Turkish Visa fees may be paid through a debit card or credit card belonging to MasterCard or Visa, and the final stage is the downloading of the e-visa. The process is as simple as it can get, with a complete absence of bureaucratic red tape or hurdles.

# has excellent and highly detailed information about the application process for the e-visa, an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, that clear a lot of confusion that tourists to Turkey may have about getting a Turkish Visa and about Turkey visa fees.

The application procedure for the e-visa on the website is clearly laid out, with separate pages for new applications and applications that are already in process. All the information entered by applicants for the Turkish visa is stored by the website, which may be returned to, later. The editing of the information is also quite simple. Further, e-visa website is multilingual and may be accessed in Spanish, French, Dutch and Turkish, besides English.

The Good

There is a lot to admire about, especially the highly professional presentation of the site. The user interface is a pleasure and navigation through the site is as simple as it gets. The multilingual options available ensures that nothing is lost in translation and Spanish, Dutch, French speakers feel as welcome as English or Turkish speakers. The FAQ section is highly detailed, with almost every question that a potential seeker of a visa to Turkey may have about Turkey visa fees, the eligibility criteria or any other issue of concern is answered. The e-visa procedure itself is as easy as it gets, without any scope for confusion. The payment gateway is safe, secure and simple. Both debit cards and credit cards are accepted – which is a great thing. The comments section, which has e-visa applicants sharing their thoughts about the whole process, is very helpful.

The Bad

While this would amount to nitpicking over what is an extremely well designed site, one wishes there were more language options available, including in Japanese, Mandarin and Arabic, to cater to visitors from Asia and the Arab countries. Another issue is that while the site does publish comments from the applicants to e-visa, it would have been appreciated had there been an informative blog on issues related to visiting Turkey, whether it’s about applying for a Turkish visa or just what tourists should expect in the country. A moderated forum with e-visa applicants and tourists to Turkey sharing their experiences and thoughts would have been fun too besides being much more interactive, and hopefully will be taken up at a later date. But as we said, these are relatively minor issues and do not diminish the value of what is a very well made website.


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Provincia Pagos

On, you are required to register an account to obtain an entry code. This entry code is needed for your application and they will send it to the Argentine National Immigration Directorate (DNM) along with your personal information. Once you got your receipt, which contains a barcode, you are all set. You will need to print this receipt and take it with you to enter the country and present it to DNM. This website requires to take more steps for obtaining the Argentina reciprocity fees than other sites. But once your payment processed, the receipt of reciprocity fee will be ready to print. It seems to be a pretty fast service. The fee may vary, depending on your nationality. It is within $92 – $160 with multiple entries, good for 3 months to 10 years. No service charge is listed. The FAQs page provides a very clear step by step procedure for your application. It does help when you are confused.

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